Lust for Life

Height: 175 cm (tall)

Body: Hourglass size 14 (soft and curvy but in proportion)

Shoe: Size 10

Dress style: Simple sophisticated dress and heels over pretty lingerie - but happy to don jeans and a tshirt if that's more your style

Tattoos: Two tattoos on my right ankle. Aiming to get a few other small ones in discreet places.

A Few of My Favourite Things

Genres: Sci-fi | Fantasy | History | Sociology | Food


Foods/restaurants: Oysters & shellfish | Medium rare steak | Cheese platters | Asian | African | Creole & Texan BBQ |  Dexter | Rock Pool | Attica

Drinks/Bars: Pinot Noir & Spanish Reds | Sloe Gin | Charlie Chaplins | Eau De Vie | Lui Bar | Little Mess

Music: Jazz | Soul | Cheesy 90s & 00s pop | Late 60s - mid 70s

Hotels: Grand & Park Hyatt | Crown Towers

Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Valentino | Louboutins
(AU10 / EU41)

Snack food: Chocolate Coated Pretzels | Nutella from the jar | Red Rock Deli Chips

Lingerie/Clothing: Honey Birdette | Bras N Things | Ann Summers | Fashion Nova

Gift cards: | Bunnings | Mornington Hot Springs


Date Ideas: Dinner/Lunch and Drinks | High Tea | A picnic | Seeing a Movie out or indoors | Going to a gallery | Seeing a theater show/music concert | Let's cook something delicious together | Exploring local real estate | A shopping date | For a naughtier affair, a night on the town in some of my favourite bars and strip clubs and maybe even a stop at the casino!

My Wishlist

I'm extremely blessed to meet so many who love to go above and beyond. Gifts are neither necessary nor expected, however if you have the means and inclination, or if you can't meet me due to distance or budget, but still want to show your appreciation you can find some of the things I'm lusting after linked below. Cash gifts are also very welcome which you can send via BeemIt to @VRayne or feel free to email me for my bank details or paypal.