Extended Affairs

My most popular option is extended affairs and overnights. Allow yourself to indulge in an off the clock sleepover or a weekend away with a woman who is comfortable and flexible enough to stay close and shower you with attention and affection or simply share space in a mutually blissful and connected yet non-exhaustive or intrusive state. We can spend our time doing any number of wonderful things out in the world or in our warm and comfortable cocoon. Extended dates are a mixture of bedroom time and socialising. I am passport ready and open to travel for several days with a few days notice or up to 2 weeks with at least 3 week's notice. Generally, prebooking at least 24hrs in advance is required for all extended dates.

Please note: Uninterrupted sleep is a very firm boundary. I am a very light sleeper and grumpy when awoken so should you deliberately disturb me I give fair warning for the wrath you will incur. If you attempt to touch or sexually engage with me while I am asleep, I will get up and leave or kick you out immediately.


Just so you know I'm the one for you, I have included a list of some of the things I'm open to exploring at my discretion here

Off the clock Day and Evening $3000

8 to 10 hours. No sleep required. Midnight latest finish.

Off the Clock OVernight $4000

Up to 15 hours. Minimum 6-8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep. Earliest start 6pm-latest finish 11am.

Full Day and Night affair $5000

Around 24 hours. Minimum 6-8 hours of uninterrupted beauty sleep and an hour or two of personal time.

Additional 24hrs +$2500/day

Please note: Rates are for the time we spend together in the prearranged booking. This does not include unrelated SMS, emails, phone calls or skype calls beyond the parameters of making a booking unless we have already established a long term and regular arrangement. If you would like to spend time engaging with me before or in between our bookings please consider my Exclusive packages or if you would like to know or see more about me please head to twitter.com/venus_rayne or venusrayne.manyvids.com for pictures and videos which will definitely help to build that sweet anticipation or give you a little fix between visits.