COVID-19 has had a devastating effect on our industry, so I'd like to help you get back into the game with my COVID Recovery packages. These packages will be available in Melbourne only until December 31 2020.


My recommendation for keeping costs low is to use your place, a friend's place, the beach, a park/garden, a laneway, a white wall/tapestry/paper roll, OR buddy up and share location costs with a friend, and don't be afraid to reuse lingerie from a few shoots ago!

As part of my COVID recovery, for ALL Melbourne based shoot and edit packages I am happy to shoot on a $100 deposit. Furthermore I'm offering payment options as little as $20 per week and images will be released to you in the correlating percentage (eg: The Healer Suite is $200 all up so your $100 deposit will release half of your images and with each $20 you pay off I release one of the remaining 5 images). Get in touch to discuss options.

Shoot Only

Great for content creators and those happy to use face tune or edit themselves. Our time can include either taking photos or video footage for you to do as you please with.

All Raws shot in large JPEG Format on USB

up to 4 outfits

Up to 2 hrs Shooting time




For just a touch of polish. Basic editing includes colour correction, blemish removal and light skin smoothing.

Up to 2 hrs Shooting time

10 Basic edits


up to 4 outfits

Travel Fees

Shooting Extras

Branding Extras

I'm located in Melbourne's Inner-North and include 60 mins return travel free of extra charge for this shoot. Extra travel is $25/hh.

In locations where there is no free street parking such as the CBD and inner suburbs, I ask that you also cover any parking fees.


Basic Edits


10 for $150

Full Edits

$30 each

10 for $250

Raws on USB

$100 (usually $250)

Extra Shooting Time

$75/h (usually $100)

Brand Consultation and Styling

You know who you are and your ideal client, but don't quite know how to reach out to them via the visual medium. Let's sit down for a cup of tea in person, over skype or email and plan the finer details so we can get the best out of your shoot.


Ad Copy

You've got their attention with your stunning photos, now keep it with teasing and tantilising words to match your personality and make sure your potential clients know just how sweet your sugar can be.


Ad Copy + Brand Consult Package
$200 (usually $250)