Is location included?
I do not include location unless I'm on tour. On tour I will either book a 4*+ suite/aparthotel or if there are many shoots I book a light filled and lovely airbnb with enough space to get some variation between shoots. 

Where should we shoot?

You're welcome to hire studios, hotel rooms and suites, airbnbs, use your home, a friend's place, the beach, a park and many other places suitable for shooting. If you are after a romantic, natural, soft lighting feel, please ensure your location has big windows and LOTS of natural light flooding in. I have indoor professional lighting if you would like to shoot after dark or prefer a flash photography vibe - note: these take about 15 minutes to set up and 10 to take down.



I offer short 30 second clips as an add on for an additional $100. I generally film as we go or towards the end of our shoot. I generally recommend booking the High Priestess suite at a minimum or  selecting the option of extra shooting time at $50 per half hour to ensure we don't rush.


I will then compile snippets of this footage keeping your editing notes for the photos in mind and offering the most flattering snapshots in a short simple little MP4 with basic fades and transitions and can add on your working name, number and perhaps even a tagline or whatever suits your preference. Please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to do/show off/leave out and I will do my best to accommodate. 


Certain advertising platforms do not allow for music due to copyright issues so I will give you a silent version and one set to creative commons music at your request. You're welcome to purchase the rights to a song you like, however I cannot just add any music without the appropriate copyright.


Just like my photos you're welcome to ask for revisions, but please bear in mind that my asking rate for this service is WELL below industry standard and should revisions require several hours of work or a total rework on top of what I've already spent creating it I will require additional payment for those hours.


Should I fast, cut carbs, work out etc? 

Whatever makes you feel most confident, comfortable and happy is what you should do with your body. If you eat a huge bowl of pasta the day before and feel self-conscious about being a little bit bloated I can fix that in post. What I can't fix is you looking tired, unhappy and uncomfortable, and what I don't want is you fainting half way through the shoot. Please keep hydration and blood sugar levels in a healthy range. Shooting with a model who is shaky and hangry is frustrating for both of us and will show in your images. Fruit and nuts are really great snacks that don't add to bloating if that is a concern for you.

What do I wear to and from the shoot?

Please wear loose fitting clothing that doesn't leave any indentation marks for at least an hour before your shoot.

It's a good idea to have your bags packed with everything you need (aside from what you need to use before the shoot) the night before. All props and items should be prepared at least a day before the shoot, unless you're bringing flowers which are always best as fresh as possible.

Image Selection

Do I get to choose which images get edited?
Yes. Always. I do a run through the raws first to remove any images that are unusable, and send you low res samples so that you can make your selection. You can take as much time as you need with these as there are usually over 1,000 images for you to choose from, but try not to leave it more than a couple of months.

I can't decide. Can you choose for me?

Yes. I'm always happy to select your images for you if you wish, or help you narrow things down, or choose between two similar shots. 


I'm stuck for ideas! Help!

I've created several pinterest boards full of ideas for outfits, poses, vibes, styles, attitudes, concepts and locations which I update and add to frequently. Feel free to shoot through any that stand out to you so I can get a better grasp of what kind of shoot you're after. Check them out:

Hair & Make up

Do I have to hire a HMUA?

No, you don't. If you're confident in your hair and make up skills, you're welcome to do them yourself. If you're not confident, however, I would suggest you do hire one or if your brand is lower maintenance we can shoot you au naturel.

What about fake tan?

That is personal preference. Unless you're going for a certain look in particular or personally think it makes you look better, fake tan is unnecessary. Splotchy and stripey fake tan or fake tan all stuck in your pores and dead skin is a nightmare to edit, so please ensure it's even and that you exfoliate. If you feel like you're looking a little pale or off colour in your proofs, let me know and I can warm your skin up a little in post.


When selecting the option of filming a short promotional video, please note I can't edit acne on your face and body or blur tattoos and such. Please appropriately prepare for this if you are self conscious or need to hide those things.



What do you edit?

Unless you specify otherwise my general editing routine includes, lighting and colour manipulation, a light to moderate amount of airbrushing and blemish removal, minimizing bulges, light to moderate proportional and posture manipulation and brightening eyes.

What if I want something different?
This is your shoot. You can make any requests (within reason) as to how you would like me to edit your images. Have an area you're self-conscious about that you would like me to work on? Done. Favour an essence of authenticity and want a light-handed approach? Done. Want to have the smoothest skin in the cosmos? Done. 

If you're ever unhappy with a finished piece, just let me know what you would like changed and I'll tailor the image to your liking.


I am more than happy to remove small tattoos or blur to your heart's content in my general editing process. If you require large tattoo removal - such as a sleeve or large body tatt - which would require me to spend extra time redrawing the entire area, repainting contours, highlights and reintroducing skin textures, tattoo removal rates start at an additional $10 per tattoo per image.

I shot with a different photographer, but can you edit my photos?

Yes, I offer stand alone editing at $40 per image.


What do I do in front of the camera? 
If you're inexperienced I'm happy to direct you. However, I generally have a light-handed approach to direction, because I really prefer to capture your essence rather than your ability to follow instruction. If needed I will tell you where and how to pose, and to move this hand this way and that leg that way if they're looking awkward in the shot, but will ask you to move slowly and subtly in the space so you don't end up looking wooden and we can get some nice, natural variation in our shots. I'm always open to your ideas and suggestions.


What can I expect the vibe of the shoot to be like?

My shoots are always relaxed and fun. You can count on me to be professional, respect your personal space, and have a positive attitude. If a pose isn't working we move on to something else. If something hurts, or you need a break, there is absolutely no issue. If you have an idea you want to try, great! Your favourite music is always a great addition.

I have an awesome theme/concept, are you open to shooting it?

Fantastic! I'm on board. Let's bring your vision to life!


Can you shoot my friend and I together?

Yes, I'm happy to accommodate extra people for duo and group shoots. Please add

$100 to the Believer Suite
$200 to the High Priestess Suite
$300 to the Goddess Suite

Per extra person.

Payment and Deposits

How do I pay?

Accepted methods are cash, beemit or bank transfer/deposit.

What's your deposit policy?
For all bookings I take a 50% non-refundable deposit.

If you need to reschedule, you may transfer your deposit to our rescheduled time or find someone to replace you with at least 48 hrs notice.

If you would like to cancel your booking within 1 week of making your booking and at least 1 month before the booking was supposed to take place, I will return a percentage of your deposit keeping a $100 cancellation fee. In the unlikely circumstance that I must cancel our booking your deposit will be refunded.

TOUR DEPOSITS: 100% non-refundable unless I cancel.


I can't afford to pay for the whole shoot right now. What are my options?

I'm all for helping your business thrive as soon as possible, so I'm happy to take the shoot on a 50% deposit and offer a payment plan for the remainder if you provide a reference who can vouch for you, and you can pay in installments. You will receive half of the images included in your package until the full amount has been paid.


What to Bring

1. Outfits - it never hurts to be over prepared or over packed so bring extras if you think you might want to use them.

2. Props: flowers, plants, candles & decor, cheese boards, fruit, alcohol, pillows and throw blankets in colours that match or compliment your outfits/accessories.

3. Make up and hair tools for touch ups if needed

4. Water and snacks to keep hydrated and energized.

5. Your beautiful self
6. A friend (optional) - It can definitely help to have another pair of hands and eyes on board to help you in and out of your outfits, and keep an eye on your hair, straps etc. I'm always looking out for these things too, however the extra assistance can allow me to focus on getting the best shot and can definitely make a difference to the finished product. I often find a supportive and encouraging buddy helps nurture a relaxed and positive state of mind in models.


Turn Around Time

How long will it take to get my images back?

I do my best to return your proofs for selection within a few days, but tour shoots may take longer. Your edits should arrive within two weeks of receiving your selections. On average it takes me about a week, however as my business grows, so does my workload and delays may occur. I will always stay in touch if this is the case.


I'm usually available with a week's notice, unless I'm already booked. However the best shoots take time and planning ahead. You're welcome to book up to 12 month in advance.


I think diversity is beautiful and am open to shooting with anyone no matter where they fall along the transectional spectrum. I understand my portfolio doesn't reflect much in terms of gender and racial diversity, but unfortunately my portfolio can only reflect the models who choose to shoot with me and I haven't been lucky enough to shoot with many POC or GNC yet. Please do get in touch if you are a person of colour or gender non-conforming and would like to shoot in a safe, positive and welcoming space.


Do you ever tour around Australia?

Yes, once or twice a year depending on prebookings. I will announce tours once they are confirmed on my Twitter @goddessphotosau and in the contact section.


You talk big game, where are the reviews to back you up?

I'm still working on the review section of my website, but in the meantime you can see some of them retweeted from the source on my Twitter @goddessphotosau.

If you have shot with me and would like to submit a review, please do!