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"...Venus can light up and breathe life into a room with her presence, has a great relaxed and genuine personality and is so damn sexy. Honestly, her pics are great, but don't do her justice because so much of her sex appeal is in her eyes and the way she interacts in person... All those times she had given me a nearly explosive lap dance just hadn't prepared me for the level of sheer enthusiasm and raw sexual chemistry I would experience when strip club rules and cameras were no longer in the way. This woman is TROUBLE of the best kind." - Nick, Jan 2020

"...over a few longer dates this year lovely Venus has really got me under her spell.... She is intelligent, a deep thinker, funny, empathetic, unafraid of being vulnerable and an open book about her life... the physical part was outstanding too. She has raw, intense passion to please and be pleased and her curvy figure and gorgeous face is just stunning... She is a luxury and an indulgence, and you would be robbing yourself if you only focus on your physical needs for an hour or two..." - Tony, Aug 2019

" ... I just wanted to say I really enjoyed meeting you - you're gorgeous, sexy and superbly geeky. I look forward to seeing you again... " - Dan, Jan 2019

"Simply mesmerising... She is wonderful and accommodating, sexy, sensual, intelligent, skilled and loves what she does!... a true pleasure professional!" - Jim, Apr 2018

"...Venus is a class act... can confidently say she's a rare diamond... That mouth will blow your mind in more ways than one and that luscious heavenly voluptuous figure is to die for. Could watch her eat oysters naked in my bed all day... I've learned so much and grown as a person thanks to her companionship." - Mark, Dec 2019

"...an exceptional young lady and a professional through and through...I would highly recommend you see Venus if you are seeking someone who is reliable, delivers on her promises, likes to have fun too and is fantastic in and out of bed." - Mr L, Oct 2019

"She's just a really lovely person to be around... You're not going to want to leave, but when you inevitably must, it will be with a smile on your face and a spring in your step... - Paul, May 2019

"It was the interaction with Venus that made all the difference... she was having so much fun it was impossible not to have fun with her... a fantastic evening and worth every penny." - Bar, Mar 2018

"Venus is warm, genuine and very sexy. She's easy to chat with and nothing feels forced... A great experience!" - Jo, Feb 2019

"...and oh! Those kissable lips! I could have spent the entire time just kissing her and it would have been worth it... Venus is one of a kind. - Matt, April 2018

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